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Kennel of the Japanese Akita

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Kennel of the Japanese Akita

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Hi there and welcome to our website about all things Akita! My name is Crystal and it's a pleasure to meet you! Please feel free to peruse the site at your own leisure, and if there is anything you are wondering, please feel free to contact us here.


A little bit about us:

We have been involved with the Japanese Akita Inu in Australia for nearly 3 years now and in fact, it was my partner that first was drawn to the Japanese Akita Inu! We were animal enthusiasts by nature, having always wanted dogs and were so thrilled to finally have one of our own, but we couldn't stop there! We then got involved in the world of dog shows and finally, I knuckled down and became an Akita breeder! With our growing pack and all the friends we have made along the way, we live an extraordinary life full of dogs, who wouldn't want that after all! 
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We've been blessed!


At the end of May 2019 Akita Inu Australia has welcomed in our From Day One litter, our first litter of the New Year!


We are very excited to share this with you now, along with many adorable Akita Puppy photos which you can view right here! 

If you are looking at adopting a puppy this year, please see our recommended Akita product lists or  drop us a line!


 Hope to hear from you soon and please enjoy! 

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