Saki and Ninja in Kimonos

Meet our Pawsome Akita Team!

Tora and Momo puppies white and brindle


Our vert first girl Saki, aka SHINKON NO AIKO GO. As our eldest she is our go to girl, from teaching the others the best places to sunbathe, to doing Zoomies the right way! She is our number one and always loves to say good morning each day!


Our baby boy Ninja, aka LOYALSHADOW LIGHTNING STRIKES. Ninja is our second Japanese Akita and is a Red Fawn. He is lighter then most Reds, but we think he is super handsome anyway! He favourite things include, butt wiggling, cuddles and kisses!  


Our Snow White girl Momo, aka SHINKON NO MASSHIRO GO.

Momo is a very smart pupper! She loves learning new tricks and is so good at them. She is always up for a cuddle and to play fetch. Fun fact, she is Saki's sister!


Our youngest girl Tora, aka SHINKON NO AKI GO.

If you know Tora, you know her most favourtite thing in the world is food! Breakfast and Dinner are the best times of day. Food is usually followed by a long nap in the grass!


Our dappled nose Taiho, aka FROM DAY ONE GREAT PHOENIX. His name actually mean Great Phoenix in Japanese! This rambunctious pupper is from one of our recent litters. He is one of two boys, and most assuredly the more adventurous of the two, loving to play in water of all things!   


Oh so cute is our little Koda bear, aka FROM DAY ONE LITTLE BROTHER. Koda gets his name from the movie Brother Bear. He was such a small fluffball, but now he has caught up and is quite the robust pupper! He is a delicate soul, loving a cuddle and playing with his brother Taiho! Tennis balls are his go to toy!