Our Akita Story

We started out with a Dream. A Dream to have our very own Japanese Akita. From there, we set out on our Journey to help others find the joy that we found in having our very own. We wanted to share the love and passion for our wonderful, loyal and unique breed.   

This is our story:
Crystal has always loved animals, as far back as she can remember she has always had them in her life; from cats, dogs, birds, mice, yabbies, frogs and fish. She knew she wanted to work in the animal industry but wasn't set on what exactly to do. From trying many things, dog walker, groomer, working at the zoo, to helping out at a vet clinic. Crystal studied a bit of everything too, animal behavior and training, captive animals, grooming, vet nursing and emergency care, even human health, and fitness at one point! Finally, she settled on working in the Veterinary industry as a Senior Veterinary Nurse, during her career she ran puppy classes, a nutrition program for overweight dogs and fostering many kittens. That was how she ended up with her two cats Forest Gump and Lt. Dan! Crystal went on to change careers, working as Technical Support for Veterinary clinics, helping them run diagnostic tests on their patients at a leading Diagnostic Company. However, she always missed the animals and being hands-on. That was how she started her Japanese Akita Journey, but it was her partner Matt, that first wanted a Japanese Akita, having fallen in love with the breed after their many trips to Japan. He was a dog person, and always wanted to get one as soon as they moved into a house, he wanted a boy, a red fawn boy to be precise. They both did a lot of research on the breed and finally found a breeder in Australia that fit their criteria! A year-long discussion, a car, and a house later, they finally went to meet the breeders at Fire & Mist Kennel of the Japanese Akita. This was when Crystal first fell in love with a gorgeous black brindle Japanese Akita, and she wanted one of her own as well. So a short time later they got their first Japanese Akita, she was a brindle and they named her Saki! Things moved very quickly from there onwards, they made new friends, entered into the show world with Saki and not too long later, they welcomed into their lives another Japanese Akita, Matt's dream puppy, a red fawn they called Ninja. Secretly though, Ninja is a momma's boy! We were so happy, we wanted to share this love with others, we had great mentors and great dogs. Crystal decided to undertake the long journey of becoming a breeder, she studied hard, passed her exams, made sure their home would be a great place to raise puppies and voila! That was how ETERNAL HEART and FROM DAY ONE was born! They have met so many awesome people, made new friends and have a great Team along with FIRE & MIST, LOYAL SHADOW, SHINKON, AURORA SKIES, and SOARING HEART kennels! 

That is how we began! Now together we make dreams happen, and provide the love and support along the way. We love this breed, the loyalty, the affection, the intelligence and so much more. I hope that we can continue to bring people together and enjoy a long life together with our fur family members! All the love, from my pack to yours.