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Can you swim? We can!

Did you know that while all dogs have the instinct to swim, not all know how to swim properly? Meaning that although your pooch may look like they are mastering the doggy paddle, they may be struggling with it. Teaching your dog to swim is very important especially if you have a pool or frequent the beach or other swimming holes.

That's why we took Koda and Taiho to K9 Swim, they had their very first lesson and did very well. While Koda took his time going around the pool, Taiho picked up the pace and was trying to zoom around! If you know Japanese Akita's, then you know that they are not water dogs, they are more snow dogs but that doesn't mean that they can't swim now and then! Some even really enjoy it! Swimming is also a low impact exercise, so it is great for all dogs from 12 weeks of age but it is very strenuous so they don't swim for very long, taking rests in between each lap. Taiho and Koda were very tired after their swim and slept for the rest of the day and night!

If you would like to know more about swimming for your pooch, visit the K9 swim website https://www.k9swim.com.au/ and if you are in Sydney, NSW why not take your pooch for a swimming lesson there!

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