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Training Day

Today was a special day because we got to hang out and do an awesome training session with Kai the Akita, one of our puppies from our early 2019 litter. Formerly known as 'Pumba', Kai has flourished in his new home and is beloved by his entire family! Lucky Kai has owners that want to help Kai become the best Akita he can be, so they do regular training with him as well as training sessions with me on top of that! Which is so fantastic to see and great for me cause I get to cuddle Kai every time we have a session, awesome!

Training is such a vital part of your puppies life and must be consistently done even once they are an adult. Puppies are always learning and are generally inquisitive but you have to make sure they are learning the right things, this is where your responsibility comes in to play as their owner, family member, and leader. When you are training your puppy you need to ask yourself, what are your expectations, are they realistic? The amount of time are you going to dedicate each day? How are you going to help guide your puppy to be the best possible dog it can be? Remember that your puppy doesn't speak human, although they can memorize words they rely a lot on tone, cues, and body language to understand your meaning so you have to be careful not to confuse them. Showing them, leading them and redirecting them when required, then repeating until they understand what you want from them.

Positive Reinforcement, Redirection, Repetition and ignoring methods are all ways in which you can teach your puppy and ways which we also use with our pack. We know it can get frustrating at times, but if you keep at it you will get there in the end. Remember to keep training sessions short and frequent, 5 minutes at a time, multiple times a day and mix in some play too so that you make it a really fun and a great bonding experience for you both.

All the best from my pack to yours!


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