Recommended    Akita Products!

Akita Food!


Ivory Coat

Our hungry hungry hippos! I mean Akitas! Are fed a premium kibble as their main source of nutrition, on it's own this kibble contains all the daily nutritional nutrients they need.


K9 Natural

Looking for a high protein diet, meal topper or transitional food (to raw) for your pooch? K9 Natural has a decent range of products and our Akita's love the trip meal toppers, delish! 


Ziwi Peak

Another high quality protein diet, air dried and grain free. Great as is, or as a meal topper or to use as training treats as we do! Our Akitas love it!

Prime 100.PNG

Prime 100 Range

We love the SPD rolls for something a little extra for our Akitas. Prime 100 have a great range which have different added benefit for your pooch. It definitely gets a big tick from us!

K9 Rawsome.PNG

K9 Rawsome

Looking to transition to a Raw diet or simply wanting to add a little extra to your favourite fur friends meal? Look no further than K9 Rawsome! With K9 Rawsome you can customise your meal, ask for one to be customised for you, or purchase their puptastic Raw Treatos for your best fur friend to enjoy!  

Akita Toys!


Deer Antlers

We love Antlers for our Akitas! The are a great boredom buster, and chew toy! Keep those puppers chewing on these rather than things they shouldn't  


KONG Classic

Great for enrichment, fill them with treats, freeze them, bounce them, hide them for the to find. A great toy all round, make sure you wash it after every use 


Yours Droolly Muff Pup

An excellent comfort or snuggle toy, my pooches like to carry them around with them! Not suitable for intense chewers.



Looking for a ball but worried about the fuzz coming off and your pup swallowing it? Then this one if great, not fuzz, no fuss, it rolls, they chase, and hopefully bring it back, it's good fun!


KONG Crackle Stick

Better for them then playing with sticks outside, this one crackles and lasts a lot longer! Great for my Akita chewers in the family!